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KIDZ BOP 33: The latest hits sung by kids for kids!

KIDZ BOP 33, the latest album from the #1 kids’ music group, featuring songs from Calvin Harris, Sia, Twenty-One Pilots (to name just a few favorite artists). The release comes during KIDZ BOP’s 15th anniversary and will continue a track record that includes more than...

Brieftons food chopper

A Brieftons twin food chopper makes it easy!

Got something to chop? If you’re working in the kitchen and need to chop up your ingredients, don’t spend precious time chopping and dicing and slicing! You can make this process so much easier and quicker with a Brieftons food chopper! This versatile and indispensable...

Classy Housewares: Salt and Pepper Caddy Set

Make your tabletop complete with a matching salt and pepper caddy! I cook (and eat) a lot in my kitchen. I do tend to avoid adding lots of salt or pepper to most of my recipes while I’m cooking and would rather let each diner...


Eat healthier with a salad spinner!

One of the biggest reasons my family hasn’t eaten the fresh fruits and veggies like we should is because I’ve struggled to store those foods in the fridge. I forget what’s been washed and what hasn’t. I’m left with ripped open wrappers and bags and the foods...


CozyPhones: the fleece headband headphones for kids!

A parent can only listen to the same song so many times. It’s not humane to make us listen to the same game playing noises all the time either. To avoid utter insanity: get your kiddo a pair of CozyPhones headphones! Not only will you love...

personalized lunch box

I See Me! personalized lunch box!

Get them ready with a personalized lunch box for Back to School! It’s just about the start of a new school year and the kids will need a new outfit or two, new shoes, a bunch of school supplies, and of course a new lunch box!...

middle school

SuperGrades! is the secret to Middle School success!

In a few short weeks, I join the ranks of head scratching parents trying to negotiate the tumultuous middle school years. I might be looking for some sympathy here. I know it will be hard. there will be some mandatory growing up, lots of drama,...


Everyone loves my toilet paper!

Seriously, everyone that comes to visit and takes a bathroom break at my house has something nice to say about the toilet paper. We’ve started using Caboo bamboo and sugarcane paper products for everything from paper towels to facial tissues and even toilet paper. And...


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