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Warm and fluffy fingerless women’s gloves for winter!

My hands are the first thing to go numb with cold during the frigid winter months in New England. Keeping a pair of comfortable, warm gloves nearby is a must. But, the thick, puffy gloves made for skiing, snow fort building, and shoveling are just...

He’ll love a Dark Knot tie!

You know the running joke about getting Dad a tie for Christmas? It’s that easy, fallback gift idea that he’ll pretend to love? Well, he really will love a tie from The Dark Knot! The Dark Knot offers luxurious 100% handmade ties from both woven and...

Keep warm with these women’s winter gloves!

Winter is coming. There’s no avoiding it, especially in New England, but we can certainly be prepared. Warm outer wear is a must to manage the weather and that includes coats, boots, scarves, hats and gloves. I think that covers all possible skin surfaces, right? You can keep...


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