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Take the Pledge: Stand Up For Bullied Students!

Bullying has reached epic proportions. At school, on the bus, during extracurricular activities and events, bullying is everywhere. But, one caring adult can make all the difference. NEA’s Bully Free: It Starts With Me campaign asks you to pledge to do just that, make a...

Apply to Host a General Mills #OutnumberHungerParty from House Party!

Apply to host an #OutnumberHungerParty from House Party on May 17th, 2014! Just visit to apply! If selected and confirmed, you’ll receive a party pack filled with the following; General Mills® products with codes Outnumber Hunger® Concert DVD General Mills® recipe cards And more! Watch the Outnumber Hunger® concert on...

Host a #GatherForGirls Party and Spread the Word!

  I’m a girl and I’m raising three more. Inspiring self-confidence and encouraging my daughters to embrace who they are is really important to me. Giving them an awareness of their rights as girls is a priority. They have options, they have potential, and I...


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