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Games For Everyone

Enter to win the Games For Everyone Giveaway!

This post contains affiliate links and if clicked and a purchase made I may receive a small commission to help support this blog. Welcome To The Games For Everyone Giveaway! Hosted by: Michigan Saving and More Sponsors: Brio and Ravensburger Ends 4/10 We have games...

personalized calendars

With Mixbook, everything is customizable!

My favorite kinds of gifts to give (or get) is something personalized. One of the best ways to really show how much you care is to give a gift that is truly special to the recipient. A personalized calendar from Mixbook is the perfect solution…and...

Zap Zap Math

Zap Zap Math Games make it fun to learn! #appsforkids

Math is where I struggle. I can spell ginormous words, good grammar and punctuation are a cinch…but, when it comes to numbers, I’m, well, at a loss for words. I’ve never been confident with numbers and early on adopted a negative outlook on anything related...


Meet the latest Lugz from the Snow White Collection!

Lugz introduces its “Snow White” collection! Whether the real “white” stuff touches down by you or not, you can still look fashionable and be comfortable this winter and spring! Since 1993 Lugz has been making great footwear for the entire family, but it just keeps...

stop whining

Strategies to nip whining in the bud!

We’ve certainly realized that simply ignoring the whining doesn’t work. The strategies suggested by favorite guest poster, Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz, have certainly provided some welcome insight and advice. Readers have responded to this three part series with thanks and even more questions! This last installment on a topic...


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