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Eat healthier with a salad spinner!

One of the biggest reasons my family hasn’t eaten the fresh fruits and veggies like we should is because I’ve struggled to store those foods in the fridge. I forget what’s been washed and what hasn’t. I’m left with ripped open wrappers and bags and the foods...


How to conquer your clutter and un-muddle your mind!

Do you have too much clutter?  Or are you eager to rid yourself of all that unnecessary junk? I’m probably in the minority as a minimalist. Most people I know lean towards hoarding behaviors: they gotta keep everything because there could be a possible purpose...

baby clothes

Babies grow, baby clothes don’t.

Whatever your parenting status: newbie or veteran, you’ll learn quickly that babies grow fast. Almost too fast. One minute you’re looking at size 3-6 month onesies thinking, “She’ll never fit into that”. The next, you are handing down piles of baby clothes that she “skipped” over...

Honeywell fan

Enter to win a Honeywell Turbo On The Go Fan!

Welcome to Turbo On The Go Portable Folding Fan Giveaway, you can read more about my review here. ONE WINNER Gets (2) Honeywell Turbo On The Go Portable Folding Fan Sponsored by: Honeywell Hosted by: Night Helper Open to: USA only 18yrs. + Start date:...

icoffee Opus

Enter to win the innovative icoffee Opus!

Calling all coffee lovers: You will love this. Meet the icoffee Opus. Wouldn’t you love to have this coffee maker sitting on your countertop? Easy to operate, you’ll have your favorite cup of java at the ready with just a few simple steps. Take a...


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