Keep your coffee/tea ready to sip with Coffee Joulies! #giveaway


Calling my fellow coffee and tea drinkers! Are you mid-cup? Maybe you’ve been chasing the kids, distracted by work or the dog? Coffee Joulies are the solution to that cold cup of coffee or tea!

I love my coffee. I probably drink way too much and it might be a bit of an addiction.  I have my stock favorites, but I’m always trying new brands and blends.

My nemesis is cold or temperate coffee.

I can’t tell you how many cups of forgotten coffee I’ve sipped only to have a miserable mouthful of unexpectedly cold java. Or…in my eagerness for that first gulp of caffeinated glee, I sear my mouth. I’ve been restricted to just a few precious minutes of enjoying coffee at the perfect temperature. Not any more.

I’ve got these little stainless steel encased “beans” that have some serious science behind them.

Curious? Check out our Coffee Joulies review! You can find even more information and the latest promotions on their website, Facebook page, and on Twitter @coffeejoulies!

Coffee JouliesStop burning your tongue, stop drinking cold coffee and keep your beverage the perfect temp with these “magic beans”! Not only will you love these latest must-have coffee accoutrements, they are a great gift idea for the coffee connoisseur or finicky Foodie in your life!

Be sure to enter below for your chance to win your own set of Coffee Joulies! Good luck!

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3 Responses

  1. Maryann D. says:

    My favorite hot beverage is any type of tea or coffee. I love soy milk in my tea or coffee and sweetener.

  2. Julie R says:

    I love multiple cups of coffee a day!

  3. I cannot start my morning without at least 2 cups of coffee – I like it hot and sweetened with a packet of monk fruit

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