New Children’s Book Release: If I Could Climb Trees (3/28/17)

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The release of If I Could Climb Trees, the fifth volume in the Nuggies illustrated children’s book seriesis scheduled for March 28, 2017!

I love words. I love writing them and reading them. My Mom, a 5th grade teacher for over 30 years, loved words too. She was responsible for instilling a serious love of books in me from when I was small. Now, I strive to pass that same infatuation along to my daughters.

What I’ve learned as a parent is that there are a few really simple ways to share the love of reading.

Read to your kids.

Let them hear and see the words on the page. Talk about the story, the pictures. Enhance the storytelling with character voices and show emotion while you’re reading. They will be so excited for the page to turn!

Show them you love to read.

Be a great example and show them that adults love to read too.  Keep your bookshelves full at home, fill up the Kindle, or visit the library on a regular basis.

Let them read to you.

Encourage your kids to read out loud to you, siblings, grandparents, even family pets! They will become proud and confident readers, eager to share their books!

Give them new books!

Keep your kids engaged with new books, new stories, new authors all the time! Introduce them to new characters, fresh ideas, and possibilities with all sorts of different types of books to pique their interest!

Sometimes my girls can get attached to 1 or 2 books and will want to re-read it a dozen times! I think that’s great, but I also strive to find new titles that I know they’ll love too! Check out the Nuggies Website to find some new, tantalizing books for the kids!

If I Could Climb Trees, written by Jeff Minich, is the latest children’s book in the Nuggies illustrated children’s book series. It tells a whimsical story about a imaginative little dog named Coco. She is a curious pup that considers what her life would be like if only she could climb trees. Dreaming of the creatures that live in the trees (a squirrel, lady bug, ant, and even a caterpillar), Coco encourages children to consider what things might be like through the eyes of others.

This vivid story is colorfully complimented by the talents of illustrator, Renan Garcia and immediately sparks kid’s imaginations, letting the reader see a different point of view. It’s a perfect read to thrill kids ages 3-6 years old.

“It takes children on a fantastic journey while also encouraging them to consider the world through many different points of view. Building empathy and understanding for others is a key theme of the Nuggies book series, and one that is woven throughout this latest book.” ~ Jeff Minich, author of If I Could Climb Trees

Get your free Amazon Kindle edition download for a limited time, starting 3/30/17 through 4/2/17 here: If I Could Climb Trees – Amazon Product Page! There will also be a hardcover edition available.

Be sure to connect with the Nuggies Facebook Page too for all sorts of information…like free coloring pages and how you can support their social mission and help end animal cruelty!

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20 Responses

  1. I always loved getting books as a child. This looks like a cute one!

  2. I think this sound wonderful and my daughter would enjoy reading it. She always gets excited with new books.

  3. Well this book looks unbelievably cute! I wish I knew children so I could get this for them.

  4. Caitlin says:

    I’m totally going to download this on my Kindle to read to my godchildren! Reading with children is so very important.

  5. Denice says:

    I am a self-admitted book lover. I try to also pass it on to my daughter. I also read to her as much as I can and prefer buying her books over toys. So far she likes reading books.

  6. Natalie says:

    Having a book read to me was one of my favourite activities as a child. This sounds like such a great book!

  7. Cameron says:

    Such great ways to get kids reading and get them excited to read! I was a book worm as a kid, so I hope any future kids I have end up like me haha.


  8. That’s such a beautiful book. It’s important to read to our kids and give them books that they’re going to be interested in. Books are an awesome way to learn!

  9. Elizabeth O. says:

    I love this! I’ve always made sure that my twins would fall in love with reading the way that I did. These are awesome tips for parents and this sounds like a lovely book as well.

  10. Krysten says:

    I’m going to check out the Nuggies website, I’m always looking for new books to read my little man. My mom instilled the love of reading into me as well, she was always reading to me when I was little and it really helped me to grow to love books.

  11. What a cute book. I am making a collection for my niece so when she is a little older we can read to her.

  12. Marcie W. says:

    This story looks super cute and I love the sweet illustrations! We make frequent trips to the local library to encourage reading in our home.

  13. My mom always encouraged me reading books when I was a child,now I love reading so much!I don’t know if this is the reason ,but for sure reading is a good activity for kids!

    • SavingCmnCents says:

      Your mom was obviously a very smart lady and I bet for sure she made a huge impression on you and did in fact plant your love of reading!

  14. stacey says:

    Its out on my birthday. I agree, you can instill a love oaf reading and books that will last a lifetime by introducing series.

  15. Mary Anne says:

    I loved this post! I always read to my daughter before going to sleep, this is something I do since she was born! it is a special moment!

    • SavingCmnCents says:

      I have no doubt, reading before bedtime is something your daughter will always remember with love and maybe some day do with her children!

  16. robin Rue says:

    Awww, this sounds like a wonderful children’s book! I want to get a copy of it for my youngest son – he will love it.

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