Art@57 MAINe art classes will bring out your inner artist!

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jewelry making

It’s almost spring in Maine.

That means everyone here has had enough of winter and needs to air things out, literally and figuratively. Each “spring” day in Maine is a surprise. You could happily be enjoying 45 degrees and major melting or managing 20 degrees and another 6″ of snow. It’s a tough season to get through.

How do you embrace the idea that spring is technically right around the corner and it’s time to refresh and grow? What do you do with kids who are overwhelmed with cabin fever? Art classes. Seriously.

You take a ride to downtown Bethel, enjoy the scenic route, and visit Art@57 MAINe for something new and interesting that will wow your whole family.

inner artist

This small community art center and gallery is dedicated to introducing a variety of art forms to people (both adults and kids) and in a variety of ways. Not only do they showcase local artisan’s beautiful handcrafted art work for sale, they also have a working jewelry and art studio for teaching art classes. It’s all about sharing a deep love and appreciation for art with everyone.

inner artist

Their maker space is amazing. Filled with all the tools you need to create authentic and original pieces of art, the space is open and comfortable and lends to a relaxed atmosphere. Our teachers, Donna and Kyra, were brimming with excitement to share their love for art and to see what we would create with their guidance. We even got a special welcome from Gunther (below, left) and Rosie (below, right) , the unofficial Art@57 MAINe furry ambassadors.

art classes

We decided to make our own pendants during our visit. Two of my girls opted to learn enameling and one chose metal work jewelry.

From the very beginning, we were completely involved in the process. After choosing what shape pendants we would use, we started working our metal pieces. Not only did we hear and see how to make our own jewelry pieces, it was completely hands-on. We were encouraged and guided through each step and safety was always a priority.


What’s enameling jewelry?

Enamels are fine particles of glass applied to metal to add color. Sifting this glass powder onto metal in whatever design you choose allows you to apply different colors. Once the enamels are heated, the composition of the enamel reacts and you have created a colorful design on your metal piece.

enameling jewelry

My youngest daughter chose an elephant design. Kyra used her artistic talents to cut out a miniature stencil and helped with all of the intricate work required, while letting my 7 year old actively create her pendant. It came out absolutely beautiful and you can tell someone was super proud.

My oldest daughter chose a simple paw print design and being 13, she was able to do a few more of the steps involved in the enameling process. She got to put the pieces in the oven (with supervision)! She really enjoyed herself and has a new-found well of artistic confidence after our afternoon at Art@57 MAINe!

jewelry making

My 10 year old middle monkey opted metal jewelry making. She got to use a power tools, hand tools, and even helped create a chemical reaction to give her piece it’s custom look.

jewelry making

As you can see, she was completely enthralled with the entire process and can’t wait to go back.

making jewelry

Our visit was one of those family outings that really made a lasting impression on us. After spending just a few hours lost in creating something with the knowledgeable guidance of our teachers, we left Art@57 MAINe having learned something new to us and with proof of our newly realized talents in hand (well, hanging around our necks).

art classes

“I always love how each student makes something that is personalized even if they are doing the same processes. It is so rewarding to see them smiling as they leave! I am an old world trained jeweler and the importance of the maker space for me is to bring those basic hand skills to the broader public and build an awareness and love for working that way. It requires your full attention and focus to do things properly.” ~ Donna D’Aquino, artist and proprietor of Art@57 MAINe

Art@57 MAINe is a true outlet for creativity, imagination, and learning. There is always something new and interesting happening and the excitement of sharing knowledge and talent is contagious.

What’s your artistic medium? Not sure what other types of art classes and creative workshops are offered at Art@57 MAINe?

Here’s just a few:

Comic book drawing for kids

Digital photography



Jewelry making



Rug hooking

art classes

Be sure to “like” Art@57 MAINe on Facebook  to be in the know for all their upcoming events, plan your next birthday party, girl’s night out, or even take your wedding party so they can make their own jewelry to wear on the big day!

Get out and about this spring and learn something new at Art@57 MAINe!




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21 Responses

  1. Caitlin says:

    This looks like such an awesome place to get creative! Art is such a wonderful way to spend time.

  2. I really enjoy crocheting stuffed figures and clothing. Having a creative outlet is important for kids and enriches their lives.

  3. Wow that was a fun experience. My niece just graduated college with an Art degree but after looking for a while could only land a job in Logistics. This would be a perfect solution for her to open her own shop and help other local artists and teach arts and crafts.

  4. What a good way to pass the time. I can only imagine how the winter transition into s[ring can be! Luckily I live very far south (Georgia) so we don’t have that much of a surprise! Ah, I love doing arts and crafts! I am not the best artist but I do tend to get very handy/creative when its cold out to help pass some time. Love what yall made!

  5. This looks like a fun family things to do! I know my children will love the artistic DIY or handy craft. I think the enamel necklace looks so pretty. I would love to make one for myself..

  6. Maine has been a bucket list location for me for years, and my love affair with the state has even led me to choose Bar Harbor as the set of one of my novels – researching the place made it fun for me, even though I’ve never had the opportunity to visit. I’d love to visit Bethel though – this place looks like the perfect place to spend an afternoon. I loved your daughters’ pendants, too – the elephant really did turn out beautiful.

  7. I can imagine that this would have been a great time for your family. I know my daughter loves crafting and she would have loved something like this

    • SavingCmnCents says:

      We really had a wonderful time and I was so excited to see my daughters all light up with a new found love of art…and the idea that they could create something like this. 🙂

  8. Glenda says:

    I really like the necklaces! My daughters and I are very artsy. This is a great idea to take some art classes.

  9. Jessica Taylor says:

    That is awesome! Looks like loads of fun! I need to go with my family!

  10. Shobika says:

    The personalized pendants are incredibly cute. They are extremely talented and seems like an event anyone would love to be engaged in 🙂

  11. How fun! I think we have a place similar to this local to me that I have been wanting to try out

  12. Hayley says:

    This is an awesome idea! And it looks like a blast! Your little store looks adorable! I actually live in New England too!

  13. eazynazy says:

    wow this is such a great job. so talented these people are <3

  14. Deb Webster says:

    My school, The Eddy School, is visiting with Donna tomorrow (Mar 8) for an exhibit tour and related art project.

    • SavingCmnCents says:

      I fully expect your school to have a wonderful time and would love to hear what you think after your visit!

  15. stacey says:

    Being an artists is a state of mind, not a level of ability. Definitely recommend doing this. Its fun and who doesn’t like having a souvenir you made yourself to take home and remember the experience.

    • SavingCmnCents says:

      You are so right! It really is a state of mind and not just a level of skill. We had an amazing time and my kids were exposed to something completely new to them and they were so excited about it!

  16. Amber Myers says:

    This would be a fun family event! My daughter would love it here.

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