How using a mobile monitoring application at your child’s early years can discipline their lives

How Using a Mobile Monitoring Application at Your Child’s Early Years Can Discipline Their Lives

When kids turn old enough to hold to a smartphone, and, or a tablet, those are the early signs—a premonition that you may have to monitor their smartphone use in the future.

There are many fallacies in our parenting that lead to a child developing later tendencies of smartphone addiction, or other addictions. When we let our 3 year-old toddler play with an iPad, we are just procrastinating our responsibilities as parents. Just because you want to stop your baby’s tantrums, giving them access to screen glow is not a very wise decision.

So when your kid grows into a tween and starts schooling, they already have enough access to internet and gadgets that parents are obliged to provide them with a smartphone, iPod or an iPad. Unfortunately, following what other parents’ leads, again, is not great parenting.

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Kids usually get their first smartphone at the age of 11 years these days, and to be very honest, it’s not the right time to let your kids play with their internet-ready devices without any sort of mobile monitoring application installed.

Parents Fail to Monitor Their Kids

Well, it’s not just necessary that monitoring your kids require some application. In our days, our parents would sit next to us whenever we would sit to use the desktop computer, which was the only device that was connected to internet at home. But as time passed by, parents started finding it difficult to sit next to their kids for every thing that they do. The days of helicopter parenting were long gone, and there was a sigh of relief for the kids—they cherished the freedom and so then, began the advent of a new era where kids were left to their own.

Mobile Monitoring is Contemporary World’s Need

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The socio-economic structure that we live in—there is actually not enough time for parents to be with their kids physically everywhere. But if a mobile monitoring software is used on a child’s phone as early as they get their first cell phone, then it can really help discipline their lives.

Better Sleep

Monitoring and limiting your kids’ smartphone use will provide them with more time to do other activities, including an optimal sleep cycle. An app like Xnspy can lock your kids’ device at at night with its remote control feature.

Better Health

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Optimal sleep leads to a better health. Sleep ensures that your body is recharged to do the next day’s activities without feeling fatigue or poor concentration. It repairs bodies and provides better coordination and reaction time. With the help of Xnspy, parents can minimise their kids cell phone use and tell them to participate in outdoor activities. Using Xnspy’s GPS tracking, you will always know where your kids have been.

Better academic performance

Limiting your kids online time will leave them with more time to to do other activities. Many kids may come to an epiphany only after being monitored—which then can lead to better academic performance.

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Mobile monitoring application like is one way to discipline your kids’ lives. However, there is nothing that beats the physical presence of a father or a mother.

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4 Responses

  1. Elizabth Perkins says:

    Yes, truly, using a mobile monitoring app is becoming very necessary to raise children conscious about online security. Besides, one of the growing problems in the world is online bullying and sexual harassment that target naïve and innocent minds. Thanks for this informative article. Cheers.

  2. Randall Shelton says:

    I agree that keeping track the mobile usage of kids is extremely necessary, especially at bedtime. We have to enforce time management to encourage a healthy lifestyle with enough sleep. Nice article!

  3. Izabella Grace says:

    I agree that most of we parents are procrastinating and failing at being watchful parents. Unknowingly, we are exposing our kids to unforeseen threats. It is a good idea to try such apps! Thanks for sharing this article.

  4. Ann Hanna says:

    I think it is important to keep an eye on your kids. Looks like a good app to try out.

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