Tips for organising a fun and frugal kids birthday party!

Tips for Organising a Fun and Frugal Kids Birthday Party

Between gifts, refreshments, and décor, the cost of an annual birthday party can really add up. And the cost multiplies if you have more than one child! Here are some ideas for how to organise a child’s birthday party that will be both fun and frugal. This post was written in collaboration with Funidelia with compensation.

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Tip #1: Create a budget first.

The best way to avoid blowing your budget is to have a budget in the first place! Think about what you can realistically afford, and stay determined to stick within this framework. Another option is to set aside a bit of money each month throughout the year. If you save just $20 a month, you’ll have $240 to work with as your party budget when the time comes.

Tip #2: Whittle down your guest list.

You may not want to make any child feel left out, but if you can’t afford to invite the entire class to your child’s party then it’s time to pare down the guest list. The key is to keep the numbers small if you do this – that way, there won’t be one or two children that are left out while everyone else is invited. Keep your party limited to close friends only, or throw a party for family members. An added bonus of throwing a smaller party is that you can have it at home, rather than having to shell out for an expensive venue.

Tip #3: Use free printed materials.

It’s remarkable how many freebies you can find online these days! Avoid paying for party invitations or banners until you’ve had a good look at free printables. Many blogs offer free printed materials that you can use for your invitations and décor, so do a search to fit your theme and you may be surprised what you find.

Tip #4: Plan DIY activities as entertainment.

There’s nothing worse than a house full of bored children with pent-up energy. But there are plenty of activities to plan that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Rather than paying for a travelling petting zoo or magician, plan your own DIY activities to get children involved. Cupcake decorating, jewellery making, and dress-up parties with Funidelia fancy dresses are always a hit.

Tip #5: Choose reusable decorations.

Save a significant amount on party decorations throughout the year by choosing décor that can be reused for different occasions. Rather than buying branded decorations, choose colourful banners, party plates, and balloons that can be used more than once. You can also opt for DIY decorations if you’re feeling crafty, getting the children involved as well.

Tip #6: Keep party favours simple.

Finally, don’t splurge at the last minute with lavish party bags. Kids are happy with a slice of cake and a couple of balloons. If you’ve included arts and crafts as part of your party’s entertainment, let them bring home what they make. Otherwise, you can fill the bag with small toys from the dollar store and keep it simple.

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3 Responses

  1. These are great tips, and even more so because they’re so adaptable. The printable one was my favorite – I’ve planned some great parties using free printable materials!

  2. Chloe says:

    I like this, I had never considered that putting only $20 a month would mean a generous amount for the party next year. My little one is two this year which means the party will have toddlers running around instead of little bubbas!

  3. Porche says:

    excellent list of tips

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