How to conquer your clutter and un-muddle your mind!

Do you have too much clutter?  Or are you eager to rid yourself of all that unnecessary junk?

I’m probably in the minority as a minimalist. Most people I know lean towards hoarding behaviors: they gotta keep everything because there could be a possible purpose for it, someday. I have just never worked that way. I tend to get rid of any clutter before it can even have a chance to really earn that label. If anything, I’ve been guilty of getting rid of something and then regretting it after the fact.

Here’s a few statistics about hoarding behavior, tips on why you do it and how you can conquer your clutter, hence, un-muddle your mind at the same time!

Declutter your mind with self storage
Declutter your mind with self storage by FLEXiSPACE.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh man you have no idea how much I needed this. I’m going through a de-cluttering phase and I can’t believe how uplifting it can be. Thanks for these tips to help me in this endeavor.

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