Monthly Archive: August 2016


Best Weekly Deals!

Don’t miss out on all the best weekly deals! Take a peek at the list below and save while you shop! My favorites this week are the Claire’s and Famous Footwear promotions! It’s perfect for Back To School shopping (and saving)! Mikasa Promo: 20% Off:...

small bathroom

Making the best out of your small bathroom!

  Making the best out of your small bathroom When it comes to interior design, most people like to have one, general theme for the whole house. Regardless of that, your bathroom will always differ. Simply put, it is very hard to find something that...

middle school

SuperGrades! is the secret to Middle School success!

In a few short weeks, I join the ranks of head scratching parents trying to negotiate the tumultuous middle school years. I might be looking for some sympathy here. I know it will be hard. there will be some mandatory growing up, lots of drama,...


Everyone loves my toilet paper!

Seriously, everyone that comes to visit and takes a bathroom break at my house has something nice to say about the toilet paper. We’ve started using Caboo bamboo and sugarcane paper products for everything from paper towels to facial tissues and even toilet paper. And...


Obsessed with Organizing? Check out Deflecto!

Obsessed with organizing? I have that irrepressible drive to keep things situated, accessible, and organized. It makes things so much easier in the long run. I’m always looking for new ways to store parts and pieces and have found a great option with the Stackable Caddy...


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