Your Cardio Core workout can be so much fun!

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Cardio Core

Getting your cardio workout in sounds daunting. It can be so overwhelming to even think about what it might entail…you might even avoid it at all costs. You don’t have to anymore. Empower fitness is an online community of real women who want to be healthier, not perfect. The woman who is juggling family, work, and everything in between needs a resource that is realistic and effective. We can all get moving, get stronger, and get inspired to reach our goals with Empower.

Dedicated to educate, motivate, and support women in reaching their fitness goals, Empower offers workout tip videos, easy and healthy recipes, and you can even shop the coolest exercise “equipment” right from their online store.

Cardio Core

The Cardio Core & More is a simple piece of equipment that can burn just as many calories as aerobics or running and you can have twice as much fun doing it! This weighted “hulahoop” lets you create 3 different workouts by changing up the weighted and non-weighted sections of the hoop. It only weighs 3lbs has a soft, padded exterior, offers a completely low-impact workout, and is totally fun!

The fluid movement of using the hoop helps strengthen your core, reshapes your waist, and definitely gets your heart pumping!

The Cardio Core & More comes with a 45 minute workout DVD and a free downloadable workout guide that illustrates different moves to try, like the Windshield Wiper, and Washing Machine Squats, to address different areas of the body.

There’s no reason to avoid that Core workout anymore. Empower fitness makes working out fun…and a lot more likely to be included in my day. My Core area is where I need the most attention, but if you are looking to tackle other workout aspects like strength training, sculpting and toning, or restoring and recuperating, Empower has just what you need!

Do you have fitness goals put on hold? Get up off’a that thing and lets get moving! What’s stopping you?

You can find empower Cardio Core & More at your local Target or order it right online for just $29.99 with free shipping (on orders over $25)!



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28 Responses

  1. Sounds like a fun way to get your cardio!

  2. Tonya C says:

    Thanks for this post. I really need to get a new cardio workout going.

  3. Core workout will always be insanely hard. This may look fun but trust me, the after effect will be a killer. You can’t even laugh. IT would hurt like crazy.

  4. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg how cool is this?!?! I just love a good cardio workout! Especially workouts I can do at home!

  5. Sola says:

    This looks like so much fun! I can’t count the times I’ve just given up on a cardio work out because I just felt miserable doing this. There’s no way I won’t have fun doing this and working on my muffin top at the same time.

  6. Melissa Bernardo says:

    Cardio workouts are my favorite! When I get the chance to!

  7. Rosey says:

    Cardio is my fave. It revs me up and makes those pounds melt faster than anything else I’ve tried.

  8. This is a fun way to work out for sure! I love hula hoop. I’m not so good at it but it’s fun! lol

  9. Bernadette Callahan says:

    I actually just saw this at Target. My kids love to Hula Hoop and thought this might be something they could stick with, me too.

  10. I used to love to hoola hoop. This looks like it would be such a fun workout. I remember years ago that making your own weighted hoola hoop was all over the internet.

  11. I need to start doing cardio, when I move house there is so many new kind of exercises that I want to try.

  12. michelle m says:

    this is a fun way to switch up cardio. i love trying new workout methods

  13. Elizabeth O. says:

    I’ve always known that hoola hoops really help you lose weight. I love the idea of this one though, that some parts of the hoop have a heavier weight. That makes exercising so much fun and interesting too.

  14. Amy Jones says:

    haha looks like a fun workout!, ill give it a try! =)

  15. Victoria says:

    Okay, this looks pretty interesting! I usually do Zumba for cardio but this looks like fun too!

  16. I have a hula hoop. My sister and I were all thrilled about how much fun we would have getting into shape – that didn’t last.

  17. Hahaha I would love to try this. Looks like so much fun. Great cardio

  18. tara Pittman says:

    I cant hulu hoop. I do love dancing and running though.

  19. Amanda says:

    This sounds like my kind of workout! I love concentrating on my core.

  20. This looks like fun! I was looking for something to add to my routine. Love it!

  21. I wish I could hoolahoop! I have never been able to do it lol This looks like a fun way to work out though!

  22. Milena says:

    This looks fun. I was just looking to add something new to my routine. My core always in need of help.

  23. Carol Bryant says:

    I am getting better of late with exercising. I have done some yoga and find it helps my back from sitting all day.

  24. Tonya C says:

    I’m not so sure about the fun party, but one thing I do know is that my core definitely is in need of a workout! LOL

  25. Laura Funk says:

    Oh I am so good at hulahooping, that this would be right up my alley!

  26. Oh wow how fun. I love my Zumba class but really need to work on abs. I am so checking this out.

  27. I feel slightly guilty for sitting here nibbling on jelly belly jellybeans while I am reading about cardio! I used to hula hoop for hours when I was a kid and loved it! That probably could kick start me into getting away from all of the junk.

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