This smoker box is a grill master essential!


My husband considers himself a grill master. His love affair with the grill knows no bounds and he’s always eager to try different methods to improve his grilling repertoire (no complaints here). This stainless steel smoker box has added a whole new dimension to his grilling techniques.

If you’ve never used a smoker box, don’t let that stop you from checking this one out. It’s simple to operate and the flavor of your grilled meats will be tenfold. This durable stainless steel box has a hinged lid for easy access with large holes for thick smoke to escape. The bottom of the box has no holes so wood chips will smolder and not catch fire or fall out. We use a charcoal grill as we prefer the flavor of our meats cooked that way versus using a gas grill. Using a smoker box means we simply place the smoker box on top of the bed of charcoal in the grill and let the wood chips do their job. I have used larger sized hickory wood chunks with this smoker box as we tend to smoke larger meats like ribs and tenderloins instead of burgers and hot dogs.


Download instructions are included with your purchase with 25 Professional BBQ Recipes, Step by Step instructions, Tutorial Videos, and access to over 35 Cooking Videos.
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Are ready to get your grill on? Check out this smoker box and enhance your grilling experience and the flavor of your foods! You can get 15% off with promo code: TJ4VTYCS at check out!

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16 Responses

  1. adriana says:

    Wow this is so great! We grill ALL year round, even in the snow! There’s no better way to cook steak, chicken, burgers, etc! Love this!
    xo Adriana – Daily Dose of Design

  2. Nice! Some friends of mine always talk about how great the meat turns out when it is smoked. This would be a great present for them!

  3. Clo Nevaeh says:

    This looks really neat! My dad loves to grill. Gonna have to check this out.

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    I was never good at barbecuing or grilling. But it sure would be nice to have a complete set. This would be great!

  5. My boyfriend smokes ribs and they are delicious! He even smokes baked potatoes and they are great as well!

  6. shalama says:

    I may need to check this out. I love using the grill year round as long as the weather cooperates. It’s easy to throw something on it and come back in the house while the grill works its magic.

  7. Tammy says:

    Oh we have been looking at one of these and wondered how well it would work. We love to smoke a lot of food. Thanks

  8. Rosey says:

    That’s way nicer than the big smokers that sit on the side. I like that it doesn’t have holes on the bottom too!

  9. I like to grill all year long but have never used a smoker box. This sounds like a really great thing for me to try.

  10. Carol Bryant says:

    We love to do grilling all year long, and with the unusually mild winters we are having in northeastern PA, we are still grilling in December. This sounds like a delish grill addition.

  11. Liz Mays says:

    Oh my boyfriend would love this. We could add even more flavor to so many of our meals.

  12. I have never heard of a smoker box before but it definitely sounds like something up my husband’s alley that he would love!

  13. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Ok, that is pretty awesome. Even though it is winter here, we grill all year long, so this would be a really nice addition to our grill tools.

  14. Milena says:

    Oh, I know my husband would love to try this out! I like how you can download a tutorial!

  15. Now that’s a great addition to your grilling essentials. I enjoy the tasted of smoked food.

  16. My husband loves to smoke meat. I don’t think I like the smoke taste as much as he does!

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