My One Word for 2016.

Are you making New Years resolutions to welcome 2016?
Not this girl.
I think it’s admirable when people take stock of the previous year with all of it’s ups and downs, expectations and surprises, and then (re)commit themselves to new goals for the new year. But, instead of making a list of resolutions, I’m choosing a word for the year. I’ve seen lots of of other bloggers run with this idea, choosing words like “Improvement”, “Grace”, “Patience”, “Fearless”, and “Faithful” and I’m giving it a shot this year.

My word for 2016 is BALANCE.

This year I will strive for all things to be in Balance.

Why Balance?

I think I’ve chosen the word Balance for #MyOneWord for 2016 because I’m feeling a little bit out of it, Balance, that is. As I think about the last year in review, there seem to be a lot of different aspects of my life that seem to be tilting, tottering, out of Balance. Some of it is out of my “control”, but I still feel like I need to create Balance within my life.
1) I’m a Mom of 4. I want to have Balance between being the best mother I can be to my children…and still recognize myself as a whole person, not just Mom. Part of that is all about “filling the well”. Jada Pinkett Smith does a wonderful job of explaining exactly what I’m talking about. Making time for yourself is really difficult as a mom, wife, sister, daughter, etc… especially if you don’t make it a priority. I’m guilty of this…especially when my children were very young. Now that they are getting older and don’t have so many primary needs (like being carried everywhere, diapered, and spoon fed), they are more independent…and I am realizing how consumed I have been with their needs. There was no room for mine. The pull to care for my children, husband, and others is instinctive, but so is the need to be happy within my self. My 18 year old stepson has recently impacted this need for Balance with his impromptu Christmas announcement that he and his girlfriend are expecting. Yikes, how did that happen? They are so not ready for any of what is to come and will need support, encouragement, and help to navigate the next 9 months (ahem, 18+ years).
To be the best Mom (and Grandmother) I can be, I need to take care of me too. I’m committed to creating that Balance in 2016.
2) I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now and love it. It’s been an outlet for me to share and connect and has offered endless opportunities for me to learn while being a Stay At Home Mom. I am constantly looking for more Balance in managing my work load. Blogging can be completely overwhelming and hard to “put down” considering the virtual world of social media is always open for business. Finding an organized Balance with blogging is just one more area I plan to focus on in 2016.
3) My other focal point is to find a better Balance with my health. This ties in to finding my self-happiness and making me a priority. At almost 42 years old, I’ve learned that my body is not as forgiving as it once was. It needs to sleep better, exercise more often, drink more water, and enjoy consistently healthier food choices. As a Metformin-popping Diabetic with a horrible genetic predisposition for the worst complications Diabetes can offer, I have to find a way to Balance my health needs NOW, even with everything else on my plate. I lost my Mom to complications from Diabetes when she was just 59 and I wasn’t even close to ready for that (not that we ever truly are).
So, I have my work cut out for me in 2016. I’m up for the challenge and will be actively pursuing Balance in my life every single day this year…as a Mom, as a Blogger, and as a healthy person who wants to be around to choose a new word each year for the next few decades!

What would be your word for 2016?

Get ready for 2016 and choose your One Word.

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17 Responses

  1. angie says:

    balance sounds like a fine word to me and would be a great world if you could find it as well

  2. Elizabeth O. says:

    I really love that interview of Jada, it’s really true to the core. I love that you’re not making resolutions. This year, I’m just making goals. I love the word of the year, we all need balance in our lives.

  3. Jonathan Key says:

    Balance is a great word for 2016. I really liked your video. I think I’m going to focus on Forward. Happy New year and best wishes in 2016! Keep up the great content on your blog!

    • SavingCmnCents says:

      I really like Forward for a focus word for the year too! I appreciate the kind words and wish you an amazing 2016!

  4. I always like reading what a person selects as their word for the year. It gives you a lot of insight into the person and what they think about life and the world at large.

  5. Jenn Peters says:

    I haven’t decided on a word or phrase for the year. But I love “balance.” It’s so easy to get out of whack and mix up priorities.

  6. andrea says:

    My one word for 2016, if i could come up with one, it would be “consistency”. I am striving to develop more in every aspect of my life

  7. Leslie says:

    As selfish as this may sound my word (s) are self love. Somewhere over the last year or 2 I’ve fallen out of love with myself. I’ve been so focused on my job & finances I’ve forgotten to take time for me. I’m loving your word for this year though.

  8. Trisha says:

    Balance is a good one! I’m not making any resolutions this year but I have my own word, it’s ‘positivity’. It reminds me to stay positive even through the hard times.

  9. Love your word! Balance is the beginning of everything and it is the end! I will also aim for balance this year!

  10. I stopped making New Years resolutions awhile ago because I never kept them! Balance is a great word for the new year, I need to find that myself! With that brings less confusion!

  11. Rosey says:

    Oh yes, blogging can be hard to put down. I agree, balance is a very good thing. Happy New Year!

  12. Karissa says:

    I watched the Jada Pickett Smith talk. She seems like a lovely person! Good luck in 2016!!

  13. Balance is a great word. My word for 2016 is Do. Like you, though, I DO not make New Year’s resolutions!

  14. Carol Bryant says:

    My word is focus – that is something I challenge myself with and plan to adhere to for 2016. Happy New Year.

  15. Good for you. I hope you enjoy your 2016!

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