Monthly Archive: September 2015

Kids can practice math skills while playing matific!

  Math was always my weakest subject in school. I was the stereotypical girl who struggled with understanding math skills early on and quickly blamed it on my gender and genetics (my Mom wasn’t a math wizz either). I preferred to get lost in a book...

Eat “cleaner” on the go with a Bento Box!

The “lunch box” has undergone a complete transformation. It started out as a brown paper bag. A cheap option, parents quickly figured out that the bags ripped, food got squished, and it was certainly detrimental to their carbon footprints. They moved on to bulky plastic...

The Man Cave needs the best vodka! #LEAFVodka

My husband found himself a bar for his Man Cave. All he had to do was help a friend move to get his hands on this little luxury. Now he has this classy looking bar that needs to be stocked so it’s ready to serve...


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