Monthly Archive: June 2015

Think about outdoor safety this summer! #blitzugear

Summer is almost officially here. Precious longer days with warmer weather means we can be outside more. Those favorite outdoor activities like camping, hiking, biking, and running are in full swing. And, in our excitement to get outside and do, it can be easy to forget...

Don’t let your armpits embarrass you! #jaowyingbeauty

Armpits are certainly not anyone’s favorite body part. With hair or razor burn, excess deodorant crud or bad body odor, armpits don’t offer much in terms of pleasantries. Bacteria and body hair, hormonal or skin pigmentation changes, and reactions to deodorants, are just a few...

Enter to win Maya The Bee Movie on DVD!

Have you seen Maya The Bee Movie yet? The heartwarming story of the spunky little bee, Maya, and her wild adventures outside the hive will thrill both the big and little kids! This is definitely one for the movie shelf! Be sure to enter for...


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