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We’ve got our school Science Fair next week and my 3rd grader was determined to do her project about volcanoes. It’s exciting to make a volcano erupt, I just had no idea where to help her start? The Ultimate Volcano kit came to the rescue! Complete with everything you need including the volcano mold, plaster mix, paints, eruption powder and 3 real volcanic specimens (pumice stone, obsidian arrowhead, and geode), this kit made our volcano experiment 100% fun!

Totally hands-on, this project started with mixing the plaster to form the volcano. The plastic mold worked great and we had a little bit of a mess, but no leakage. A little tip: use cold water and work quickly. The plaster will dry fast! After waiting 24 hours for it to dry and solidify, my daughter painted her new volcano. We waited til the next day for the most exciting part, the eruption. Mixing the eruption powder with a drop of detergent and then pouring a little bit of water in the top made for a genuine looking lava eruption!


Our next trick is to do the suggestion of using Mentos and Coke for an even grander eruption!

What did I love about this make-you-own volcano kit?

Everything you need is included in the kit, there is even an activity booklet with volcano themed games, puzzles, and challenges, just for fun.

We both learned a lot about volcanoes; the different kinds, how they work, why they erupt, and what comes out!

My 8 year old was able to do the majority of this project on her own with minimal supervision while mixing the plaster and the “lava”” (Citric Acid and Sodium Bi-Carbonate). She was excited to engage in the science of geology and chemistry and it boosted her confidence to see her own volcano successfully erupt!

volcano kit

With school coming to an end, this kit makes for a great science experiment this summer! And homeschoolers could absolutely include this in their curriculum! You can find the Ultimate Volcano Kit available on the Discover with Dr Cool website for just $14.95.

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24 Responses

  1. M from The Stay-at-Home Life says:

    My daughter would really enjoy this

  2. Liz Mays says:

    Now that is a kid-pleasing experiment! I would have such a blast working on that!

  3. this is great for children to learn more about our earth.

  4. What a great price. My kids would have so muhc fun playing with the volcano kit.

  5. Lena Blair says:

    My son is a science nerd and has asked to do experiments all summer, this would be great for him!!

  6. STEPHANIE says:

    This is soooo cool! I could see my little guy totally loving it. Off to check out their site! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my goodness, this is awesome! I so want this to use in our homeschooling.

  8. Great way to inspire kids on to love science and projects about science.

  9. Britney says:

    This is so fun! My little guy would love this!

  10. Such a fun way to teach the kids on the phenomenon great choice =)

  11. This looks like a very fun activity to do over the summer.

  12. Oh my gosh, how fun! We just did a volcano project last week – k ids LOVE this sort of stuff.

  13. Sandy says:

    This looks like a lot of fun, and the price is great, too. My girls would flip over this! 🙂

  14. Looks like a lot of fun, for either a school project or for a summertime craft.

  15. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Oh how fun! My boys would flip their lids over this. I think I should get them one for the summer 🙂

  16. Debbie Denny says:

    This looks like fun. Love this idea.

  17. Anne says:

    What a fun project! I love doing science projects with my kids and getting them enthusiastic about experiments.

  18. Debbie L. says:

    Making a volcano is so much fun. Having a kit with all the items needed is even better!

  19. Milena says:

    We had a kit just like this one. My boys loved it. This one actually looks better!

  20. Cynthia L says:

    I homeschooled my daughter and I know she would have loved this. I wish this would have been around a couple years ago!

  21. Joanne says:

    This looks like so much fun. Thanks for the idea! The kids in our homeschool group would love this.

  22. becca says:

    How fun. My son would love to have this/ He is all about science.

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