Enter to win a Blossom Cup…and make Aunt Flo’s monthly visit easier!


Have you heard of the Blossom Cup?

It’s a reusable, silicone menstruation cup used during that time of the month. You can beat Aunt Flo at her own game every month with this discreet, easy to use, cleaner, and cheaper alternative to tampons and pads! I was reluctant to try this method at first, and now I’m so glad I did! I won’t ever go back to buying boxes of tampons or pads. Take a peek at my full review here.

If you’re on the fence and just can’t decide whether or not to buy one….here’s your chance to try it free! Enter below for the chance to win a Blossom Cup! If you’re ready to take the plunge, (you won’t regret it), you can buy the Blossom Cup directly from Amazon.com too.

Good luck!

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