A personal Pirate Adventure with I See Me! personalized books!

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Reading is a favorite thing to do at our house. I’m so grateful to have kiddos that love disappearing into new and interesting books. One of our latest favorite titles is a personalized book from I See Me, My Pirate Adventure! My 5 year old daughter loved seeing her name (and initials) on the front cover, let alone reading about her possible pirate adventure complete with all the pirate necessities like an eye patch, a parrot, and a hidden treasure!

I See Me! personalized children’s books open kid’s imaginations from the very first page!  My daughter loved opening the cover to find a not only a loving mesage from her Mom and Dad, but also a photo of herself in the dedication. She is always excited to have somone (anyone) read all about her pirate escapade from raising the Jolly Roger to pulling out her treasure map! I love listening to her copy those favorite pirate phrases, like “Ahoy, Mateys” and “Land-ho”. She really gets into it!


Ordering a personalized gift from I See Me! is super easy. Within just a few minutes, you’ll have all the information entered in their online form to create the perfect surprise for your little pirate! You can customize your pirate story with your child’s name, skin tone, hair color, initials, and more to make their story ring true. The cute pirate characters are created to resemble your little one with vibrant colors and fun details. These 24 page books, with equal amounts of interactive wording and pictures, are appealing to small attention spans and easily keep everyone engaged for the whole book (even if you end up reading it twice in a row).

Personalized Children s Books   I See Me    Personalized Books for Kids

You can connect with I See Me! on Facebook, Twitter (@ISeeMe  Maia), Pinterest (#iseemebooks), Instagram, and Google+! Be sure to sign up for their email newsletter too for the latest info on promotions and discounts too! I See Me! has so many fun ways to make it personal with Lunchboxes / Puzzles /Coloring BooksPlacemats / Stickers  and Growth Charts too!





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41 Responses

  1. Jacqui says:

    These books are the greatest gift idea! I got one as a kid, and it’s still a favorite of mine! I’m going to order a few for upcoming birthdays now. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I was so big in to reading as a child! My Papa read to me every day, and I was always at the top of game on summer reading lists – my high reading level won me awards in elementary school, and I am so thankful to have had my family take such an interest in getting me there. My kids will definitely be readers, and I love books like this that literally put them in the story! Thanks for sharing this!

    • SavingCmnCents says:

      Giving our kids the gift of a love for reading is something that will give back to them throughout their entire life! 🙂

  3. I was definitely the type of child that liked to get stuck into a good book when I was younger. I think the idea of personalising them is just super cool and such a nice touch. I’m glad your kids love them, and I’m not surprised! Thanks for sharing. Ellie

  4. I love seeing posts that showcase children getting started on a path to reading at an early age. It really is such a wonderful thing! I am so intrigued that books can now be personalized! How lovely! It makes the story more interesting and can be an heirloom piece to pass onto future generations! Love that!

  5. Kristin says:

    I am so in love with I See Me books. The kids are obsessed!

  6. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    That is such a lovely looking book. I really love getting personalised books for my little one and he has quite a few at the moment, he’s only 2 now but I hope he’ll find them a novelty when he’s older. The illustrations in this book are really sweet.

  7. Fun! My kids love personalized books.

  8. Courtney says:

    These books look like so much fun! What a cute surprise for the kiddos!

  9. Both of my kiddos are pirate fanatics (even my mother’s day card had a pirate on it!) They’d be thrilled with this, especially since they don’t find their names on anything.

  10. Debbie Denny says:

    I do love books like this. Means so much when it is personal

  11. Trisha says:

    Personalized books always making great gifts for a kids! I love to get one of these for my daughter.

  12. Melissa Vera says:

    I love I see me books. I gave one to my best friend’s daughter for Christmas she loved it.

  13. Krystal says:

    I love personalized books! My toddler gets a kick out of seeing his name in print.

  14. Steph says:

    I love the I See Me books! The kids love having stories all about them. I have to check out the Pirate book. My little one woudl love it!

  15. I love everything about personalised gifts always have and I think when kids are given personalised books they are happy to call it their own and read it all the time. I want to do that for my kids when I have some.

  16. Carol Bryant says:

    I have given personalized books as gifts and they are always a big hit. I love the look of surprise when kids see their name in print.

  17. Laura funk says:

    I just ordered a similar personalized books and can totally relate to your childs reactions and the excitement of reading with them

  18. rochkirstin says:

    Visuals for kids’ reading are very important. This hones their creativity and imagination and helps them to understanding the context of the story better. It’s great that you are supporting your child to read books. My mom is also like that.

  19. these books make really awesome gifts. Kids love love love to see their own names & images as part of a fun story. Personalized books are a keepsake as well that will be enjoyed for quite sometime!!

  20. This pirate one looks like a lot of fun. I bet she loved seeing her picture in the book!

  21. Dawn says:

    Personalized books are the best! Kids love them!

  22. I love these personalized books. I’ve gotten them for all my kids and though it’s been a few years, they still love them.

  23. I totally love the concept of these books. I wish they had these when I was a kid. Nothing like seeing your name in print to make you feel special 😉

  24. Amanda says:

    So cute! My kids would love this! I love personalized books!

  25. Liz Mays says:

    Aww I like books like this! They even have her picture, how cute!

  26. I simply adore personalized books! We are avid readers in my house too!

  27. becca says:

    What a cute book. Ilime giving personalized gift.

  28. Milena says:

    I love personalized items! Especially since I can never find anything with my name on it! My kids would love it!

  29. Saidah says:

    I love personalized books that allow children to become a part of the story. When my kids were little I use to substitute the name of the character for the names of my children

  30. Lindi Haws says:

    We get these ALL THE TIME! My kids are always so much more willing to read when it’s personalized with their names.

  31. Bri says:

    What a lovely idea. I know my little cousin would love to see a picture of himself in a book & read about a story that’s about him.

  32. Tamara says:

    Aw, she looks so happy with her book in that top photo!
    My daughter really loves personalized books so I always keep my eye out for her.

  33. Aw this is a super good idea! I love these personalized board books!

  34. Emerald says:

    I just love finding new books to read with my children! I especially love that this book can be personalized!

  35. What a great gift idea!!
    Love personalized gifts.. especially when the recievee has a unique spelling In their name.

  36. That is a cute book. My kids love personalized books, it makes them feel special.

  37. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I think these are awesome. I am a sucker for anything personalized – especially with my boys names on it 🙂

  38. Lorane says:

    This is a great idea … I’ve always liked anything personalized. Imagine the excitement seeing your name and picture on a book as a child

  39. Joseph says:

    This is a great idea! This is a book the kid can grown with and pass it down to their own children. I wish I had a personalized book I could pass down to my children. But I could always buy my youngest a book and let them keep it for their children. How cool!

  40. Brook Devis says:

    wow.what a nice idea these personalized books.they can make happy any kid 🙂 i am just going to check it out 🙂 thanx for sharing

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