Monthly Archive: September 2014

Decorative Fun with MagicMIL Chalkboard Labels #review

I love chalkboards. It might have something to do with the fact that my Mom was a 5th grade teacher (back when dry erase boards were non-existent) and I spent quite a bit of time in her classroom (weekends, school and summer vacations). Being able...

Order Trick-or-Treat Boxes for UNICEF!

  It’s that time of year to order your donation boxes for UNICEF! Register to help and Pay It Forward! There are so many ways to raise funds…door to door, with a pumpkin carving contest, and more! The money you raise can help UNICEF provide clean...

Take the Pledge: Stand Up For Bullied Students!

Bullying has reached epic proportions. At school, on the bus, during extracurricular activities and events, bullying is everywhere. But, one caring adult can make all the difference. NEA’s Bully Free: It Starts With Me campaign asks you to pledge to do just that, make a...


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