University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s Food Preservation Workshops on Pressure and Hot Water Bath Canning: Pickling Spring Vegetables, Jam, Chutney


Live local? If you live in the State of Maine you can learn how to preserve food with pressure and hot water bath canning strategies this spring!

I am committed to preserving all the great garden vegetables we grow this year! The University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s is hosting a bunch of hands-on food preservation workshops in several different towns that will teach you the basics of canning and freezing, including how to use pressure canners and water bath canners, to preserve pickles, jam, and vegetables. The provide fresh produce and canning jars. The workshop fee varies from $5.00 to $12.00 and there is a materials fee of $15.00. You can check the listings HERE for dates, times, and locations of these upcoming workshops or contact your local UMaine Extension county office.

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