Check out our Woodstock Foods Non-GMO Plant the Seed Project!

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Woodstock Foods is hosting a Plant the Seed Project Pledge to spread the word about Non-GMOs! I took the pledge to promote awareness of the Non-GMO movement and to help
spread the word about planting and growing Non-GMO. And, I was one of the lucky winners of 25 Non-GMO corn seed kits!

I was able to share these seed planting kits with my daughter’s 2nd grade class. Each kit came complete with a bio-degradable plant pot, Non-GMO, organic, verified corn seeds (that come with a $1.00 off coupon for Mom and Dad at home), a peat moss/soil disc, a wooden stick for planting and marking, and an easy to follow instruction sheet. woodstock foods

The kids had a blast. It was pretty simple to plant the seeds and they were thrilled to be able to take their plants home once they sprout. I was really impressed with how well-informed these 2nd graders were about seeds and growing plants. They even knew what bio-degradable meant! It was great to see them so excited about this seed project.

Thank you, Woodstock Foods, for helping us spread the word about Non-GMO!

You can learn the facts and get access to a $1.00 off Woodstock Foods seeds coupon too. Just visit their Facebook page HERE and take the pledge!

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