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  1. Theresa lee says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Blueberry ones but am having trouble finding that flavor believe it or not! I use to by them at Price Chopper & Walmart & for some reason they don’t carry them anymore?! Why the Blueberry! The man said they use to sell out of that flavor so he didn’t understandit either & said maybe the company, Yasso, stopped making them? I hope not!!i ate 2 every night! Lol i did really! Now i miss them soooo much! Please help get the Blueberry back in thef stores please! ;) my tummy will thank you! By the way, i’m only about 5 pounds overweight & it sure isn’t from them! Lol thanks so very much!

  2. Joanne says:

    Thanks for the coupon! My daughter loves frozen yogurt.

  3. Those look tasty! Thanks for the coupon, I will have to try them!

  4. Debbie L. says:

    These are my favorite yogurt treats! Every flavor is delicious! Tasty and low calorie! Thanks for the coupon!!!

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