Crafting Calm by Magie Oman Shannon

crafting calm


The art of crafting can truly be therapeutic. Whether you are feeling the stress of the holidays, general chaos, or other things out of your control, you can relieve tension and worry simply by crafting with an awareness of self.

If you enjoy crafting, the simple practice of being aware and intune to yourself while creating artwork in a variety of different forms will rejuvenate your spirit! The projects and practices presented in Maggie Oman Shannon’s Crafting Calm¬†will inspire you to a sense of peace and well-being…and you’ll end up with a bunch of amazing crafts that you have created to cherish.

Some of my favorite DIY crafts in this book include Milagros Boxes, Spiritual Wisdom Wall Hangings, Collage Treasure Maps, and Sacred Bath Salts. Each craft comes with Inner Inquiries for Journaling and Reflection to guide yourself through the true meaning of the craft you undertake. And, I love that the author provides additional resources for each craft if you find one that you would like to further investigate!

Spirituality and art go hand in hand and Crafting Calm¬†provides a creative collection of crafts to refine your connections with others, your intentions, prayer, meditation, calm, clarity, community, and spirit. These wholesome and inspiring crafts will leave you with a sense of balance and peace…and some favorite finished crafts! Priced at just $16.95, the benefits of this engaging crafting guide are priceless.


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