Call the Crisco Pie Hotline for Pie Baking Questions!

crisco pie hotline


Pie is probably the second most important dish on the Thanksgiving Table! The Turkey may take the number one spot, but amazing homemade pies are a close second. Take advantage of the Crisco Pie Hotline this holiday season and give them a call (1-877-ForPieTips) with all your pie baking questions. Live Pie Experts are available Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm, ET (1-877-367-7438). And, there are holiday extended hours for Peak Pie Season!

November 18-27th, Monday through Friday, 8am-8pm, ET
December 16-23rd, Monday through Friday 8am-7pm, ET

Visit for more tips, recipes, and how-to-videos!lemon meringue pie

(Thanks to A Frugal Friend for the tip!)

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