Andy Valley Gymnastics: Active Fun for the Whole Family (on your Birthday or any day)!

We just celebrated my daughter’s 10th birthday. Turning double digits requires something more than just cake and ice cream, presents, and a small get-together with family. It really needs to be more of a memorable event.
We wanted to do something extra special this year. My daughter came up with the idea of having her birthday party at Andy Valley Gymnastics, a local gymnastics center located in Lewiston, Maine (that has been in the business for over 40 years). Alot of her friends from school have taken classes there and she was beyond excited at the prospect of tumbling and flipping about with all of her friends!
I, on the other hand, was a little bit nervous. Last year we went roller skating for her birthday, and she broke her arm. Was it really a good idea to try gymnastics? And to make things even more nerve-wracking, my daughter had surgery about 3 weeks ago for a shunt revision that required an incision on her neck and her stomach. Everything in my Mom brain said we should cancel or reschedule our plans for bouncing about on gymnastics equipment. But, she is really good at begging and I knew how excited she was to go.  While we do have to be extra careful because of her shunt, I don’t want to shield her too much from trying new things simply because I’m nervous she’ll get hurt.  I just couldn’t say no. And, I’m so glad I didn’t!
We had an absolute blast at Andy Valley!
With an hour allocated in the gym, we enjoyed everything they had to offer from the trampoline, balance beams, and rings, to the uneven bars, and rope! I was reassured about safety with the supervision of two instructors, Skylar and Alec, who were very friendly, approachable, and helpful with the gang of kids I unloaded in their gym! They were available the entire time we were there and kept a watchful, yet unobtrusive eye over everyone. And, I was really grateful to see that there were quality mats laid everywhere to protect the kids from big bumps and fumbles.
With about a dozen kids ranging in age from 1 to 12, there was something for everyone. The kids went from one thing to the next and definitely worked up a sweat! The younger kids loved the Bouncey House and the Parachute! I had a really hard time getting my youngest to take a break from the Bouncey House to try other things!
Even the “big” kids couldn’t resist the fun and we had grown-ups trying their luck on the trampoline and rope too! When the hour was up, everyone was ready for punch, snacks, birthday cake, and a break after their workout!
We opened presents, sang Happy Birthday, and had cake and snacks upstairs in a huge room outfitted with long tables and plenty of chairs. It was really helpful that they had a working kitchen (complete with a fridge and freezer) for our use to stash the ice cream and sherbert while we were in the gym! We spent about 45 minutes “partying” and it only took about 10-15 minutes to clean up! Voila! My daughter’s 10th birthday party was something really special, that I know she’ll remember.
Andy Valley Gymnastics offers something active and fun to do with the family and not just for birthday parties. They have a wide range of different levels of classes including Open Gym every Friday, Mommy & Me classes, and ToddlerGym! You can check out their rates and class schedule HERE!
For more details or if you have an upcoming birthday and would like to plan your party at Andy Valley, you can contact them at (207)784-6607, or via email at or on Facebook HERE. Easy to find, the gym is located at 74 Westminster Street, in Lewiston. Be sure to let them know Saving Common Cents sent you!

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