Bad Mom Moment #2341: Toasted Homework

Here’s one more recent example of my Bad Mom Moments:
This year my 2nd grader has a lovely blue homework folder that travels from school to home and back again each day. There’s a precious piece of paper kept in that folder that is referred to as her reading log. She reads each night and we jot down the name of the book, author, and the number of pages read. This folder has become really important to her for two reasons that I can figure:

1) Having a reading folder is a big-kid kind of deal. It means she gets to have homework now.

2) She LOVES getting the smiley face sticker on her reading log each day.

I might remind you that we really are only about 3 weeks into this school year. We’ve been doing really well with our reading log each night…that is until yesterday.
Yes, I’m the Mom that had to email the teacher about my daughter’s homework being toasted. Here’s the proof.
This innocent homework folder was left out on the kitchen counter. Someone cleaning up the counter in a hurry recognized it as important and put it on top of the toaster, out of the way of any spillable liquids or sticky little sister fingers. 
Insert here a “quick” trip with 4 kids in the pouring rain for a violin lottery at the school.
Upon returning home soaking wet, shooing 4 kids into the house (well, one I had to carry), and keeping the 150lb St Bernard welcome wagon under control, I safely put my purse on the counter very close to the toaster.
Success. We were signed up for the violin lottery, dinner was cooking, the kids were occupied. I grabbed my cell phone out of my purse to see if I’d missed any calls. Evidently, that was the catalyst.
I smelled it first…
Dinner was cooking, the temperature on the stove was fine, why did it smell like something was burning? I checked the oven, the stovetop. Nothing…but something was definitely burning. As soon as I turned around…
I saw it.
There was smoke and flames (yes, flames) bursting from the toaster. What in the world? I grabbed what was burning and pulled it to the sink and instantly recognized what had been a lovely blue homework folder.
This sums up Bad Mom Moment #2341. It was really awful to make my 7 year old daughter almost cry because I had set fire to her precious homework folder, albeit unintentionally. My penance was to email her teacher and take responsibility. Someone, who shall remain nameless, had left the toaster plugged in. That’s always been a big no-no at our house…even more so now. Evidently, while rummaging around in my purse for my phone I had turned the toaster on. Ugh.
The silver lining?

1) I now know our smoke detectors work like air raid sirens.

2) I gave the (very understanding) teacher, who happens to have 3 kids of her own and a dog that really does eat things like homework, a good laugh.


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  1. Haha, at least it’s a refreshing story for the teacher…something other than “the dog at it”. 😉

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