Five on Friday: July 12, 2013

Five things that make me happy this Friday:

1) We got a picnic table. Nothing fancy, just your basic picnic table stained a dark red. It’s long enough to fit our family of 6 and a smorgasbord of food and I’m ecstatic that we’ll be able to enjoy meals together outside now!

2) The humidity broke. Thankfully, it’s cooled off a bit and that means I can leave the air conditioners OFF. I try to be sensitive to my husband needing to sleep especially with all the hours he works, but I despise running our a/c unless we absolutely have to. Finally we can sleep comfortably with just the windows open!

3) My 3 year old figured out a way to master the art of whistling. She’s been completely frustrated that her older sisters can whistle while she just ends up spitting everywhere. I love that her solution was to simply put her hand to her mouth and make a high-pitched squeal. That is her whistle. 🙂 Please note, this does make me happy this week, but that will probably be short-lived.

4) I figured out one more way to cut back on our grocery bill. With 4 kids in the house (1 is a teenage boy), we go through a lot of food. If a box is opened or something is baked, it is gone literally within a day. So, to stave off the savages, I have carefully chosen a non-descript cupboard that hides anything I want to last…and it’s working. They kids have yet to find my stash and I love being able to better manage the week’s snacks and goodies.

5) I’m becoming a Grill Master. One of my goals this summer is to be more confident with our charcoal grill. My husband is usually the go-to guy for this, but is working so many hours I’ve become the grill girl. I’m really proud of my new found talent and especially love that I can now make woodfired pizza in our own backyard! It’s really fun (and easy) and you can take a peek here!

What makes you happy this Friday?

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