Five on Friday: June 7th, 2013

Five things that make me happy this Friday:

1) There are only 4 more days of school before summer break. It’s kind of ridiculous that this makes me as happy as it does. There will be nothing but bickering, “I’m bored” chants, a crazy-messy house and empty cupboards all summer long, but I’m really excited to have my girls home with me. I plan to enjoy sleeping in, big breakfasts together, and fun outings with them over the next couple of  months without the scheduled pressures of school.
(Please note: Come September I’ll be just as happy that they are headed back to school.)

2) I shaved the dog. Again, this seems really odd, but shaving our 2 year old St Bernard is such a process and I’m certainly not a professional groomer. So, to get this task accomplished and have him still resembling a dog (of any breed) makes me very happy…and him too. He will have a much cooler summer without all that hair. Now if I could come up with a way to reduce the drool? Hmmmm.

3) I went for a 20 minute walk, by MYSELF. Granted, I had to get up at 5:30am to accomplish this one. But, it felt great. My plan is to become addicted to this habit. I know I need the exercise and the “me” time.

4) My girls and I got our “passports”. We went to their elementary school to participate in a world traveling excursion. Each classroom had studied a different country and learned about it’s culture, food, people, and history. We walked the halls, getting our stamps for each country we visited and had some fun. Our favorite countries were India, South Korea, Sweden, and Ethiopia! Maybe someday we’ll be able to truly travel around the world together. Until then, this was a great adventure.

5) I missed my husband. How does this make me happy? He works a bazillion hours and his work schedule often takes priority. With me being a Stay-at-Home Mom of 4, it has to. I feel his absence (and so do the kids), but when I miss him, I’ve realized, it’s because I’m blissfully happy with him. He makes me very happy every day, whether he can be home with his family or not.

What makes you happy this Friday?
Feel free to share your Five on Friday posts in the comments below!
(Special thanks to One Little Mister!)


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2 Responses

  1. This was fun to read! I love Saint Bernards! You’re brave for grooming him yourself! It sounds like your family has a lot of great times!

  2. I need to get into the habit of working out in the morning! It’s the only time I can do it without the kids, but I’m not a morning person 🙁

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