Five on Friday: June 28th, 2013

Five things that make me happy this Friday:

1) I went strawberry picking with the kids and my niece and nephew this week. With 6 little hands plucking, we brought home a flat overloaded with ripe, red berries! I love the growing season and there is nothing like enjoying the “fruits” of labor. So far we’ve got 10 pints of low-sugar jam in the cupboard and we enjoyed mounds of fresh strawberry shortcake.

2) My husband had a whole day off. Tuesday we took the kids to Funtown/Splashtown, a local amusement/water park and spent the entire day slipping down water slides and riding round and round on every ride we came across. It was super humid and while the waterpark was busy, the amusement park was empty…so the kids had their pick of rides and were able to go on again and again!

3) My youngest daughter is obsessed this week with the classic movie “101 Dalmatians”. I loved this movie too when I was little and it warms my heart that she is enjoying it too. Although, maybe we don’t need to watch it twice everyday? I love that at 3 years old, she calls Cruella DeVille a “bully just like Captain Hook”.

4) Speaking of my 3 year old’s vocabulary…this week I enjoyed a few language LOLs with her. We had “Bunch Byes”…that would be French Fries and we had to wear our “Baby Soup”, or bathing suit. I think it’s adorable how some words come out.

5) The garden is growing. With the pattern of sun, rain, and humidity we’ve been having everything in the garden is sprouting. Including weeds. It’s time for me to get out there and start weeding. I’m so excited at the prospect of what we’ll be harvesting this year.

What makes you happy this Friday?

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13 Responses

  1. Unknown says:

    Mmm I love fresh strawberries. I miss living in California and having such great produce year around, but especially for strawberry season!

  2. mail4rosey says:

    You're so lucky your garden is growing, ours is slowly dying, and we're taking great care to try and revive. Still, I'm thankful we're even able to have a garden. 🙂 Happy weekend to you!

  3. Momma Lew says:

    We went strawberry picking a few weeks ago (memorial day weekend i guess it was) and now picking is over here in NJ. My daughter is almost 3 and I just crack up from her, I swear she could talk my ear off all day about anything.

  4. I love the way 3 year olds talk. I have a 3 year old daughter myself and I enjoyed some funny conversations with her this week, too. Such a fun age! =0)

  5. I cannot wait to go strawberry picking – definitely one of our favorite things to do!

  6. Heather Wone says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day! I cant wait to bring the kids to funtown this year now that my youngest is old enough to enjoy it 🙂

  7. Awesome! I wish I could say we were picking stuff from our garden, but between the heat and wind I just can’t get anything to grow here in Central Texas. Our tomatoes grew – and then something ate them! LOL All our other plants died in a wind storm after getting blown over. *Sigh*

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