Victoria Chart Company: Learning Responsibility and Earning Rewards with chore charts!

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My almost 10 year old daughter is very responsible for her age. She loves school and takes pride in what she does…I am eternally grateful for these qualities. That being said, she is definitely exhibiting the typical behaviors of a “tween”.
Somehow, I swear, it happened almost overnight, she has become completely “forgetful” when it comes to her chores and worse, getting her to take a shower requires an act of Congress (or bribery). School is coming to a close for the summer and I know that means more time for me to realize she is not doing the chores that are expected. That usually results in me nagging, begging, and bribing…and her pouting, loudly sighing, and rolling her eyes. Drama with a capital “D”.
I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest on how to convince my daughter to take care of her chores without the drama and I found The Victoria Chart Company. They offer a variety of different Reward Charts that can be customized for any child, at any age! These charts cover everything from potty-training and creating a healthy bedtime routine to motivating older kids!
I have gone the route of making my own charts (paper, markers, stickers, and glue)…and the end result was always the same.  I always faltered with keeping up with the maintenance of the chart. After the first week we would have to update the chart with a new week which meant pulling down the old one and taking time to generate a new one…and noone was really sure what (if any) rewards had been truly earned… and it would get put off or forgotten. All this did was reinforce for my daughter that her responsibilities weren’t that important after all. Epic fail.
The Victoria Chart Company’s Credit Chart offers a way out of this cyclical failure. It is different in that there are pre-written (age appropriate) chores as well as two spaces for personalized duties to be included…all on an erasable chart!  A simple swipe with a paper towel allows a new week to start all over.
My favorite part is the Rewards section at the bottom of the chart. There are 3 separate rewards (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) that my daughter can strive for depending on the number of chores she has finished. I like that it gives her a goal, but that if she doesn’t reach the Gold Reward, she can still “redeem” a smaller reward. I don’t want her feeling overwhelmed with chores and just giving up if she can’t achieve the Gold Reward…and she won’t if she knows there are still benefits to accomplishing some of the things on the list! And, she and I were able to come up with great rewards that she really wants like being able to make something in the kitchen. This is a win-win. Not only is she motivated to get her chores done each day (including taking a shower)…I also get to enjoy her doing some cooking!
If you are looking for reinforcements with positive results to help you encourage and teach your little people to be more responsible and self-sufficient, I strongly suggest checking out The Victoria Chart Company!
You can buy these helpful rewards charts from their online website or HERE on Amazon!

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6 Responses

  1. LL says:

    Ah! I am in the market for one of these~!

  2. Victoria says:

    I have tried a reward chart with my kids before but it did not work so well. They were more focused on playing with the magnets. I probably will try again once they are a little older though with a different type. Thanks for this great giveaway by the way.

  3. This is a pretty cool idea. I've seen other charts for this kind of thing before but nothing exactly like this one. I'm going to save this review & come back to check it out more later. TY for sharing this 🙂

  4. I really love the Bronze, Silver and Gold feature! thanks for sharing xx

  5. Momma Lew says:

    These are great. My kids love getting reward stickers, so this will be useful!

  6. This is a great idea for kids – I love how there are levels of rewards, I think that is very motivational!

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