Marriott Residence Inn, Rocky Mount, NC: Be Their Guest!

Marriott Residence Inn, Rocky Mount, North Carolina
If you’ve been following along, you know that the family and I just returned from an amazing trip to Disney World. We decided to drive (yes, from Maine to Florida with 4 kids in the car)…it seemed liked a grand idea at the time. And, truth be told, the kids did a great job of managing lots of time and not a lot of space in our freighted mini-van. 🙂

But, after over 12 hours on the road, we were definitely a little desperate to get out of the car. We arrived at our first destination, the Marriott Residence Inn Rocky Mount, North Carolina around 10:30am…this posed a small problem as check-in wasn’t until 4pm.
I can tell you this…there was no way a chipper mood was going to last in that mini-van for another 5 hours. This roadtrip taught me that sometimes there just aren’t enough travel games, DVDs, or snacks to distract my 4 over-tired, slightly cranky kids when they have reached their traveling limit.
This potential nightmare turned out not to be a problem at all. The gracious front desk attendant had our room available within an hour despite the fact that the inn had been completely sold out the night before. I was totally shocked…and entirely grateful. Crisis averted.

The Room

It was such a relief to enter a clean, comfortable, spacious room. We dropped our bags and headed to find the pool. I would have much rather taken a long nap in a really inviting bed…but the kids had a different idea. The Residence Inn at Rocky Mount has a gorgeous outdoor pool and patio area that we had seen on our way into the lobby. But, the temps were a little bit chilly for grown-ups in the pool. Once again, we were pleasantly suprised to find they also offer an indoor, heated pool at their sister hotel which is literally a two minute walk across the parking lot. 🙂 I did notice a very nice fitness room attached to the pool area offering popular exercise equipment (for those with a little more umph than me).

After returning to our room, it was defnitely time for jammies, relaxation, and dinner. There was a helpful menu card placed in our room for a local Pizza place that delivered. I hopped on the inn’s free wifi service and (of course) peeked for any discounts or coupons…and sure enough found a printable coupon to save on dinner! The only issue was I had to print it. Once again, the front desk staff was extremely helpful and offered the services of a desktop computer and printer right in the lobby. 
After full bellies, we all crashed out and slept soundly all night, thankfully without a peep from the kids.   

The next morning we needed to get back on the road relatively early to get started on the remaining 9 hours of driving to Disney World. That did not mean leaving without a great breakfast though! Our room included everything (and, I mean everything) we would need to cook and serve a full breakfast for ourselves. A fridge, stovetop, microwave, coffee maker, and all of the dishes and cups to serve my family were available. I opted out and we were spoiled by the staff.

The Kitchenette

The Residence Inn Rocky Mount offers a huge spread from 6:30am-9:30am on weekdays and from 7am-10am on weekends. Everyone found something delicious (and even nutritious) including everything from cold cereals, pastries, fresh fruit, yogurt and granola parfaits, to scrambled eggs, homefries, and sausage hash! 
At check-out, we were once again greeted by a friendly smile and warm wishes for safe travels. When asked where we were headed the kids excitedly answered, “Disney”…and the front desk associate   quickly disappeared to return with a box full of toys. 🙂 She asked each of the kids to pick out a favorite…and lo and behold, there were all sorts of Disney themed goodies! The girls were thrilled and picked out a Princess tiara and wand set, a Minnie Mouse painting book, and a book, Lady and the Tramp.

So, armed with their new toys, we piled back into the van! We entirely enjoyed our stay at The Renaissance Inn Rocky Mount and were surprised at the genuine feeling of “home”. The front desk and kitchen staff were outwardly friendly and helpful and made our one-night stay more comfortable and pleasant than I could have imagined. When you are traveling with a brood of kids you never know how smoothly things will go. The fact that we woke up feeling refreshed and excited for another 500 miles of traveling in the mini-van is a true testament to The Residence Inn Rocky Mount, North Carolina!

I received a complimentary one night stay at The Residence Inn Rocky Mount, North Carolina for purposes of this review. Regardless, my opinions are 100% my own.

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10 Responses

  1. Victoria says:

    I love the Marriott you definitely made a good choice. However, I have never tried staying in a hotel with the kids we don't travel if there is not a family members house available since the boys are all so young.

  2. Wow looks nice! I've stayed in marriot before and loved my experience! thanks fpr the post!

  3. Myranda says:

    We ALWAYS stay at the Marriott Residence Inn, that place is amazing!

  4. I love LOVE Marriott! They always have the best hotels, customer service, everything. I’ve never stayed at a Residence in, though. I love the little kitchenette. We’re always wishing we could just whip up lunch or something in the hotel when we’re traveling to save money!

  5. Oh my – what a great experience – some hotels can have some awful people behind the desk (just had one of those myself!) – we have been talking about an east coast trip – I’ll mark the Marriot Residence down as the place to stay!

  6. Momma Lew says:

    We always stay at the Residence Inn in Williamsburg, VA. It’s always a great experience!

  7. Wow! That looks amazing!! I have never been to a hotel with a kitchenette like that! Good customer service, too? Sounds like the perfect place to stay!

  8. This sounds like a wonderful and great family friendly place to stay. Good customer service makes such a difference. Thanks for linking up at Tuesdays treavels.

  9. I’ve never been to the Marriott! I LOVE that kitchenette! Looks nicer than the Ramada in Victoria, which is the nicest hotel I’ve been to.

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