The Perfect Meatloaf Pan!

My husband is an “As Seen on Tv” product fanatic. I tend to roll my eyes when he totes the praises of his latest amazing find! But, I have to give him credit on this last one.
He brought home the Perfect Meatloaf Pan Set from a random trip to Walmart. I did the “really?” thing, but reassured him we’d try it soon. And, I have to say, it is amazing. 
 Meatloaf is not my favorite dish as I’ve always been discouraged by how greasy it can be, even with leaner ground beef. But it makes for a fulfilling, comfort food meal and during the cold winter months that’s always a plus. And, with my  new meatloaf pan, I don’t worry about the grease anymore! It’s completely disturbing how much grease pools at the bottom of the pan (far, far away from your meatloaf)! Because this pan uses a kind of convection cooking method, you do have to cook the meatloaf a little bit longer, but it is completely worth it! So, if you’re looking for a better (and better for you) meatloaf (that avoids all that grease), be sure to check these out. 

The Perfect Meatloaf Pan Set is only $12.40 on Amazon…oh, yeah, my husband paid more like $15.00 for ours, but it was totally worth it! 

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