Friday Featured Favorite: One Hundred Dollars A Month!

Friday is my favorite day. 
The promise of a weekend beginning, the blissful end of a long week…Friday is always welcome.
That being said, I will be posting about a favorite “find” each week on Friday.  I look forward to sharing blogs I love, recipes I’ve tested, frugal advice I’ve learned, and more in our Friday Featured Favorite!

For our first Friday Featured Favorite edition, I’d like to share a blog that I recently found and completely enjoy.

One Hundred Dollars a Month
One Hundred Dollars a Month is a frugal living blog written by Mavis (a lady with a seemingly great sense of humor and wonder about the world around her).  She shares her “story of how I feed my family…with One Hundred Dollars a Month” in her posts. Her topics include gardening, canning (a very helpful resource), and living a more frugal lifestyle. I loved her recent post “Bartering with Mavis-Will Trade Fresh Vegetables For…”
Be sure to check out her blog…Mavis offers a wealth of frugal living information and does it in a fun, offbeat way!

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