Strawberry Picking at Roaring Brook Farms in Wales, ME

Last weekend we took the girls to Roaring Brook Farms in Wales, Maine for some of the best berry picking we’ve done. The berries were big and fat, ripe with flavor, and perfect for picking. Rows and rows of strawberries bursting from the plants, begging to be brought home and made into jam!
If you live in Androscoggin County, be sure to check out Roaring Brook Farms for your berry picking fun! Their pick-your-own strawberries were only $1.80/qt and they are open from 7am-7pm. (Their hotline phone number is 207-375-8682.)
The beautiful berries that actually made it home and didn’t get devoured right out of our baskets…did in fact turn into jam. One of my favorite meals…jam and toast, toast and jam.
The girls had fun measuring, mashing, and mixing…and they were very proud of the end product! We taste-tested quite a bit, but will save some for holiday gifts for friends and family.
We’ll be returning to Roaring Brook Farms in July for raspberries and August for blueberries. Picking berries with the kids is one of my favorite summer time past-times. And, who doesn’t love opening a jar of homemade strawberry jam from last Summer in the middle of January?
As we left the berry patch, my 2 yr old was calling, “Bye, Berries…See you soon!”…and one of Roaring Brook Farms’ pickers called back from her row, “Bye!”…I’m pretty sure my daughter is convinced the berries were talking to her. 🙂

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  1. Connie B. says:

    The kids are growing up so fast. Love the pictures. We went strawberry picking,too.

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