Saving Your Pennies

In 2012, the average family is working more hours, making less money, and feeling the void between the paycheck coming in and the bills going out. 
A big part of why I coupon, peruse yardsales and resale shops, and always look for the best deal is because I have learned the true value of every $1 we earn.  It’s so easy to spend, but is so difficult to earn.
We all feel the burden of the cost of living going up. Gas and energy costs, daycare, groceries, clothing, and even the occasional trip to see a movie completely overwhelms my wallet!
My husband works a 40+ hour week to support our family of 6. And, with me at home, we certainly save on the atrocious cost of daycare. But, there is little fat to cut. Instead of lamenting on our limited finances, we simply have learned to live, well, a bit simpler. While we don’t sacrifice everything, we don’t over indulge. 
So, with this in mind, I try to live on a strict budget and maintain the balance of what comes in vs. what goes out. There really is nothing like being in the black at the end of the month. And, occasionally, we even go out for an ice cream cone at the local shoppe! 
Following our budget, actually depositing money into our savings account (instead of letting it sit there with only $5.00 in it), and having set goals has made a tremendous difference to our financial position. Investing in our children’s education, our retirement, and our future is becoming a reality for us. We have just started considering alternative savings through our local Credit Union, the US Money Reserve, and other investment services.
I’m always searching for new tips and ideas on how to save a few pennies here and there. I’m grateful to the blogging community and our fans for sharing their frugal insights and have learned a tremendous amount about what a $1 really equals in my bank account. 

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