It’s Time for Lunch from Allen’s Veggies!

Allen’s Collard Greens, Sliced New Potatoes, and a hard boiled egg!
Had lunch yet? How does this sound?
Thanks to Allen’s my lunch today was superb! I received a box of 4 different canned vegetables from them to try out as an Allen’s Taster! I received 1 can each of sliced carrots, sweet peas, collard greens, and sliced new potatoes.
I was completely thrilled to see the new potatoes…this is a family favorite we have often! The carrots and sweet peas are always my go-to for turkey pot pies, shepherd’s pie, and several other casserole dishes we love. So, I knew all 3 of those were a hit! 
Last, but not least, I eyed the collard greens. As a native New Englander, I have no idea what to even do with collard greens…let alone how they would taste. 
I’m happy to report…after following the simple preparation directions on the back of the can (simmer)…and adding a little butter and pepper…collard greens are fantastic. I totally get why people rave about them!
If you’d like more information about being an Allen’s Taster, email them expressing your interest at:
and enjoy some Allen’s Veggies too!

You can check out what other Allen’s Tasters are saying on Youtube!

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