The Best Job I Ever Got

I’d heard this family was looking for a full-time (24/7) Mom who would juggle the needs of a husband and four children. They had been making do with part-time Mom and while it was working, it wasn’t optimal The requirements for the position included, but were not limited to;

balancing their tight budget, providing healthy meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner…oh, and multiple snack times too), bathing and dressing a few of them (even changing diapers), bedtime rituals (reading, brushing teeth, and other, more grown-up tasks), training their 4 month old St Bernard, all the shopping, and cleaning (floor to ceiling), all doctor and dentist appointments and school obligations.

The qualifications seemed a bit overwhelming, but after being in the workforce for almost 20 years I have accumulated a ton of varied experience that undoubtedly would come in useful for this job. Right? I’ve been in Banking, Administration, Retail and Customer Service… And, the kids really were cute. So, I applied.  And, believe it or not, I got a call back.  Although, I am suspicious that I may have been the only candidate that applied.
The interview went well.  The toughest question was a tie between;
“Would you let us have ice cream for breakfast?” which I democratically answered with “No, not everyday…but, maybe on your birthday.”
“Will you work for free?” which seemed completely ludicrous…but after careful consideration, I concluded, I really wouldn’t be working for “free”, I would be the proud recipient of the love and devotion of 4 children and a husband (and some slobbery St Bernard love too).

So, the benefit package isn’t the best…there is no vacation or sick time to accumulate (or lose) and working through lunch breaks is a given.  There’s no 401k, no short-term disability or FMLA.  And the hours are killer. But, it does offer the opportunity to be with my children as they grow-up…to go to the playground, the beach, or story-time.  I get to make dinner with them and help out with homework and school projects. I get to be there. And that is the best paycheck for me.

So, I accepted the post and have enjoyed every minute of it.  Granted, it’s only been 4 weeks. But, everyone seems happy with the new full-time Mom and I have found a piece of me that I was missing.  I wonder if they do employee reviews? Hmmmm.


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