Missing my Mom on Mother’s Day.

I have enjoyed Mother’s Day 35 times as a child and a mere 8 times (including today) as a mother.  The big differences between being the mother and being the child on this special day?  First, whether or not I’m receiving or giving the same handmade, sticky with glue, lopsided, made with 100% love, unrecognizable creation.  Secondly, whether I’m being loved unconditionally or loving another unconditionally.

I miss my Mom everyday.  She passed away, unexpectedly, in March of 2009.  I may not have had as many Mother’s Day celebrations with her as I would have liked.  But, somehow, Mom made sure I was all set for when she would not be here. Her strength of character, sense of humor, creativity, loving spirit, and genuine caring is stamped on me forever.  She taught me so much and now it is time for me to nurture and teach my daughters the same.  Just a few things I know because of my Mom;

*blue seaglass and whole sanddollars are the most coveted and yet the hardest to find

*brothers and sisters are your best friends because they’ve known you since day 1

*lilacs mean Spring is really here

*barefoot is always more interesting

*books are precious paths of imagination

*the color yellow is for warmth, love, sunshine, and happiness

*anything you can do in a pair of pants, can be done just as well in a skirt

*never falter in the ‘pursuit of trivia’…never stop learning

*time together is fleeting and fast

*forgive others and yourself

*rum, raisins, and ice cream are not complimentary ingredients

*a mother’s love is unconditional and everlasting

I love and miss you, Mom. XOXO

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2 Responses

  1. Connie says:

    jess, you rock. thanks for posting. your thoughts about mom helped me feel like mom was with us today. i miss her too. it’s hard not having her here…so much happening…so many questions we never got to ask. i love that you help me remember what mom would say…all I have to do is think about these memories and she can still let me know her answers.

  2. cookie723 says:

    I miss her, too, Jess. Everyday. She was a mom to me and the best eldest sister – ever. She was (and I’m sure still is!)so proud of you and the wonderful mother you are! I love you!

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