Got a smelly dog? Allergic to pet dander? Get some relief with #theecologyworks shampoo!


Dexter, our 3 year old St Bernard, does not like bath time, as you can see by his exceptionally droopy, sad face. He has super sensitive skin and gets serious bouts of dry skin. The hot, humid summer months are the worst for him. We don’t give him baths too often so that we don’t dry out his skin even more, but, some times he just gets so smelly, he’s got to get cleaned up.

To be careful of his delicate skin and to stop him from smelling like a big bag of corn chips, we brush him out and then convince him to stay put in the outdoor shower. Sad face ensues. I’ve tried several different brands of dog shampoo, some with oatmeal, some with mint, some with citronella. The end result is usually a fresh smelling dog for a few hours at best, but he usually continues to scratch at those dry patches. And, after he’s all dry, you can still see the dander flying off his body when he’s scratching. While no one in our house is allergic, I’ve noticed that my nephew in particular reacts within just a few hours of coming to visit. I hate that he spends his visits sneezing, and coughing, with red, irritated, and watery eyes.

To alleviate the dander and dust particles from swirling around and to soothe his sensitive skin, I tried Anti-Allergen shampoo from The Ecology Works. This hypoallergenic formula helps pets overcome skin problems by neutralizing protein allergens on contact. A plant and mineral based solution, it conditions his skin and coat. It’s 100% biodegradable and it’s designed to keep your pet odor free longer!  


Dexter doesn’t enjoy bath time anymore than he used to, but using Anti-Allergen pet shampoo from The Ecology Works, gives him some relief from the dry, irritated skin. And, it makes him smell so much better, longer! I’ll be paying close attention to my nephew during his next visit to see the improvement too. Giving Dexter a bath is a lot of work and I end up getting soaked in the process. It’s great to have a pet shampoo that is effective!  Get some relief from your smelly dog and from dust mite and dander allergies with this shampoo. The bonus? You dog will feel better and smell better too!

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Got sensitive skin? Try Baja Baby Gear Shampoo & Body Wash! #postablogreview


All three of my daughters have extremely sensitive skin. So does my husband. I’m pretty certain he is the culprit and they get their skin sensitivities from him. From a very young age, my girls had  very noticeable rough, dry patches on their skin. And, I have always had to be a little more aware of body care products with them. Their skin’s reaction would always tell me if a product had harsh ingredients, even if the label didn’t advertise it.

Baja Baby Gear Shampoo & Body Wash is a great answer to our sensitive skin worries in the tub! Made from organic and natural ingredients like Marigold Calendula, Burdock Root, Nettle Leaf, and Hemp Seed Oil, this shampoo and body wash combo is easy on sensitive skin. It has a pleasant light citrusy scent too! The best part? There’s none of those nasty sulphates, parabens or phosphates in their formula.


So it’s made from familiar ingredients that aren’t foreign or scary and it smells nice….but, does it work well? Yes! This clear formula produces a thick soapy lather with just a nickel size dollop and rinses out well too.  Baja Baby Gear Shampoo & Body Wash leaves hair clean an not weighted down with chemicals or heavy scents and it leaves skin hydrated and soft. I also love the big 16oz size bottle with a push button cap. It makes it easy for smaller hands (that are slippery in the tub) to manage!


I’m really happy with Baja Baby Gear Shampoo & Body Wash and have been using it myself! Don’t let the name fool you, it’s perfectly fine for little kiddos and grown ups too! You can help keep your skin soft and hydrated without any reactions or drying out with this effective and natural hair and body wash. It’s available on Amazon and qualifies for free Amazon Prime shipping too.

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Enter to win Tea Tree Oil from #ApothecaryExtracts!

Curious about all the great benefits to using Tea Tree Oil? Apothecary Extracts has a 100% pure, undiluted, pharmaceutical grade oil for all your needs! You can read about my Top Ten Uses for Tea Tree Oil and be sure to enter below for a chance to win a 4 fl oz jar or Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil too! The winner will need to have an active Amazon account in order to redeem the promotional code for the prize. Shipping is free.
Good luck!

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10 Great Uses for Tea Tree Oil #ApothecaryExtracts #review


There seems to be a recent increase in people’s awareness and use of essential oils in the last few years. And, with good reason. There are so many beneficial properties to using essential oils!

One popular oil is Tea Tree Oil. Most people have heard of it, but aren’t aware of all of the amazing benefits there are to using it. Harvested from the Tea Tree (native to Australia), this strongly fragrant oil is a powerful antibacterial. It’s very effective as a natural cleaning agent for almost anything…from your skin, nails, and hair to your bathroom tiles and kitchen counters.


Apothecary Extracts offers a pharmaceutical grade Tea Tree oil that is 100% pure Australian and of superior quality. While many essential oils are diluted with water to cut costs, Apothecary Extracts are pure without any impurities and are potent! If you are concerned about using essential oils at full strength, it is advisable to dilute with water or a carrier oil like coconut or vegetable oil. And,it’s always smart to test a small amount against clean skin 24 hours before use just to make sure you don’t have a reaction. That being said, Tea Tree Oil is one of the most versatile and useful oils.

There are so many ways we benefit from Tea Tree Oil. Here are just 10 of my favorite natural uses for Tea Tree Oil:

1. Use as an anti-fungal to fight acne, Athlete’s Foot, eczema, yeast infections, or toenail fungus

2. Use as a deterrent for lice and fleas

3. Use as an antiseptic on cuts, blisters, and sunburns

4. Use for help with psoriasis and dandruff

5. Use as a disinfectant for bathrrooms and kitchens

6. Use as an anti-viral in vaporizers or hot baths

7. Use as an effective insect repellant

8. Use to combat mold and mildew

9. Use to eliminate mustiness (in carpets, upholstry, laundry)

10. Use to clean toothbrushes and help ward off germs and bacteria


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Adovia Mineral Skin Care is my favorite line of skin care products! #moisturizer


I turned 40 earlier this year. Besides my noticeably decreased metabolism, the one thing that has changed the most with the onset of “middle age” is my skin. I’ve never paid it much attention and have gotten away with years of no sunblock and a minimal skin care routine. It has become painfully obvious. My skin is no longer as resilient and supple as it used to be. It’s time for me to take my skin care seriously. Better late than never, right?

Over the last year, in my quest to find natural products that worked well and were easily integrated into a step by step routine to care for my skin, I found Adovia. This skin care product line is unique in that it combines mineral based, natural ingredients with modern science for ultimate products that work effectively (and smell amazing too).

I have tried the Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap and fell in love with it’s invigoratingly fresh scent immediately. You can read about how much I love it in my review HERE. I’ve also had the chance to review Adovia’s Purifying Mud Mask and was completely impressed with how rejuvenated my skin felt after. You can read all about that favorite product in my review, HERE. So, this would be the third Adovia product I have tried and loved.

Adovia’s Moisturizing Day Cream is formulated with ingredients like Dead Sea minerals, plant extracts, Aloe Vera, and other natural ingredients and offers a non-greasy, thick cream that is easily applied and absorbed quickly. I love the naturally smooth, rejuvenated, and healthy looking complexion it allows. Made for all skin types, this day cream is hypoallergenic too.

 I’m not searching for the Fountain of Youth, but I love how Adovia’s products make my skin feel softer, more supple, and more hydrated. Starting to pay attention to my skin care needs at 40 is kind of like putting the horse behind the cart, but Adovia’s products are truly helping me catch up. I highly recommend this line of skin care products to anyone looking to improve the health and look of their complexion. You can find Adovia products on Amazon and they qualify for free Amazon Prime shipping.

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Suffer from lower back, knee, or hip pain? Get relief with Syono gel #insoles! #review


My husband is on his feet a lot throughout any given day. This means two things: 1) He will undoubtedly have a sore lower back by the time he gets home and 2) I will be destined to dole out yet another back massage. I don’t mind massaging his lower back once in awhile when I know he’s really hurting, but when it becomes a daily ritual, it gets old. And, obviously it doesn’t provide much relief for him as his back is still tight and achy each day.

A few months ago, after visiting an expensive (probably overpriced) shoe store, he figured out that his lower back pain is really due to his feet. He suffers from hypersupination of the feet – a high arch that causese his feet to roll outwards when he’s walking, running, or even just standing there. The completely worn outside edge of his shoes are the proof. The clerk at the store was kind enough to explain how a good pair of insoles in his shoes would make a world of difference, not just for his shoes, but for his back too. And, she was completely right. I am incredibly grateful to this clerk for decreasing the number of back massages I’m handing out now.

My husband truly benefits from wearing insoles in his shoes and it’s important that he has a quality set that fit properly and actually provide comfortable relief…without breaking the bank. We have found several different insoles that make all sorts of beneficial claims and for a very pretty penny. Syono gel insoles have given my husband incredible relief and at a very reasonable price!


With superior shock absorption, Syono gel insoles reduce the stress on your back and lower body wth each step. These slender, soft cushion insoles are easy to shape to your preferred size with just a pair of scissors. Placing them in your shoes with the gel side down, they stay put too. Each step is more comfortable and the insoles aren’t even noticeable to the wearer.

If your feet aren’t absorbing or redistributing the shock of each step you take, you can easily develop problems elsewhere like your lower back, knees, hips, or other joints. Relief is available with a pair of Syono gel insoles! They are available on and qualify for free Amazon Prime shipping.

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